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divine love YA fiction

The audio book for DIVINE LOVE  released December 2017. You can get it now through Audible and iTunes!

Available Now in Kindle & Paperback
from Soul Mate Publishing
immortal dreams YA fiction

Hailey Banks has had enough of the pressures to be perfect. She’s had enough of the lies. But as college graduation approaches, she wonders if the pressure and the lies made her give up too much. But after everything she’s been through, she isn’t sure how to trust again.

Arion Eustathos is doing his best not to crack under the expectations of Cupid, his Immortal father. Despite being the younger twin, he’s expected to join the family business. But Arion would rather have his own life, and when he meets Hailey, he believes his chance has arrived.

But Hailey isn’t as sure as Arion. While Arion struggles to convince Hailey that the two of them belong together, there’s an Immortal who will do anything to keep them apart.

Sometimes perfect sucks, and sometimes it’s just perfect.

~Updated  January 2019 by Bethany Averie~